Anime men in showers

While bathtub and onsen scenes are a more popular choice to depict a bathing femme, it is those shower scenes when we get to see our favourite anime man strip himself of his inhibitions in that little bathroom cell. With one hand on the wall to support the strain of his burden, the shower that rains relentlessly down on him attempts, unsuccessfully, to wash away his internal torment. And the man bares it all; he broods, he languish, he is vulnerable. And above it all, he is oh-so-yummy.

I only watch the "healthy" anime where the bathing women expose up to their gravity-defying cleavage. But the men-in-showers are always bare-chested. So I guess we ladies get a better deal for the limited male shower scenes.

And that is why when Katsura says he pisses while taking a shower (sometimes), I know I'll never see the shower scenes of those brooding men in the same light again.


The hilarity was worth it though.

Some shower scenes I remember

Athrun Zala Shower Scene (Gundam SEED) : The coolest guy in the show gets the only shower scene. WOOTS!

Athrun Zala Shower Scene (Gundam SEED Destiny) : Because it was so well-received, Athrun gets another shower scene, 2 years older, and looking even more vulnerable than ever. That same shower scene gets an extended re-enactment later on. Well done Sunrise!! I love you Sunrise!!
Athrun Zala Shower Scene Gundam SEED Destiny

Kiryuu Zero Shower Scene (Vampire Knight) : Brooding as usual. This guy gets lots of back-slammed-on-shower-wall-with-antagonized-look scenes.

Edward Elric Shower Scene (Full Metal Alchemist) : The shower scene serves to display the weight of the automail that little Edward has to carry on him.
Edward Elric Shower Scene Full Metal Alchemist

Katsura Kotarou Shower Scene (Gintama) : Blissfully taking a piss while in the shower. The description paints the most unsexy shower scene image. Ever.
Katsura Gintama Shower Scene

Orochimaru Shower Scene (Naruto) : The most. Disturbing. Shower Scene. In History. Why is it that Orochimaru is the only one we see in the showers in Naruto?? Even more disturbing is that we have to watch Kabuto watching Orochimaru shower. Give me a showering Itachi, or Kakashi. Hell, even watching Chouji shower wouldn't be half as disturbing.

(added on 30 Dec 2008) Tiera Erde Shower Scene (Gundam 00) : He looks like a She. I don't wanna see Tiera. I wanna see Lockon!!

(added on 25 Aug 2009) Sakata Gintoki Shower Scene (Gintama) : No posing in the bathroom, no angst under the shower head. Just the protagonist happily humming to himself while shampooing his head.